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Semi-friends only!!!!

Hello there, how come you're here? ^_^
Well, this is my journal and I talk a lot about Japan, Music, Dorama and also a lot of personal things, which are mostly f-locked.
I don't mind when you add me and if you leave a nice comment here and tell me why you became interested in this journal, I'll probably add you back :)
But don't be angry at me when I'm doing long posts with a lot of pics and fangirling, cause that's me XD
If you still have some questions you can of course ask!!! I won't bite!!
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normal day

So, I'm feeling really bad about this...

I know I haven't been active here, and I'm feeling really bad about the few good friends that I made here. If you want to contact me or stay in contact with me, it's probably better to write me a message over on give_me_cheese, which is my writing journal for tv series such as Doctor Who and Supernatural.

So I've been busy recently doing my Master's degree and am thus doing my final dissertation right now. To come to the point....

I'm really really sorry about this and I feel totally bad about it, after being absent for so long, but...


I need to do some research and it would be a big help if you could participate in these two short surveys, one is aimed towards unpublished/amateur writers and the second one is for everyone who likes to read.

Survey for writers

Survey for readers

For more information, follow the links or see this LJ entry on my other journal here

And if you could maybe share this information, that would be really great.
normal day


The places you go to see your favourite band.... Don't know if I would have go and see Yokosuka other wise. I mean I never even heard this city before. So of course I'll be back later with pics. Today's the last time I'm going to see the boys for a while. Totally gonna miss them. Luckily there is still the Otodama festival with ACS so I'm still going to see Ryu-chan once more. Still.... ;( I'm going to miss going to concerts.

you dont say

Hey y'all!

So, yukitsubute made me come back to LJ ;)
What did I miss?

Honestly though, I don't what to talk about. I graduated, returned to Japan for a year and start my master in England this september. So yeah. That's it.

On the spur of the moment I signed up for the JE trick or fic challenge. I'm probably going to hate myself soon. I mean I haven't written (or at least finished) a fic in AGES, this will be so embarrassing. But my muse was so annoyingly singing to me, what can you do ey?
There are going to be werewolves. And lotsa blood.

So, as I have not much to tell me, you tell me (if you still remember me) What happened in the nearly 18 months I virtually died on LJ?

Heck, tell me about the latest talk in the K8 fandom if you want. Trust me, I wouldn't know.

Goddamnit, Muse shut up.

Gonna go write now.
you dont say

Birthday Post!

Time for another birthday post!
Happy happy birthday to our leader!!!!! <3

Stay my-pace and please continue to get on Keita's nerves!!!!
Y'know we'll wait for you eternally so it's ok to shower 5 min before the concert. I love you for this you charai otoko >_<
"Chiba-chan genki~" ♥ you dork ♥

Never ever in my life will I regret going to your tour twice and if I ever enter a fan club it will be w-inds. day!!!! That I swear today!
The concert in Ohmiya was the best day in my life so far!!! I never laughed so much during a concert!
 So yeah <3 I love you guys. Just stay the way you are.
May the day come when Japan realizes what talent is. And may the day come that you realize that you're way more attractive with dark hair!

tumblr_mcmqfd4dD31qd9bzgo1_1280kleiner ganz groß

And may the day come when I have more gifs and pics of you :(((

Nice to meet you!

keita on drugs
It's been such a long time, I feel like I should introduce myself once more... kidding~

How are you all doing?
I'm just here to say that I didn't die yet and that I'm still an Eighter, a BBC and addicted to w-inds. Yeah. And I have to work my ass off for university and I'm not yet two months back in this country. But hey, at least as of today I can actually say that I've got something similiar to a new home. I moved together with a friend after returning from Japan. That was at the beginning of october. On wednesday we got internet and a couch and today we got our refidgerator. Yay...

But I'm too tired to fangirl so much today and I'm waiting for our (exeptionally slow) internet to download Eito's new PV. ... Still 40 minutes to go... Off watching Picaru no Teiri. I'm hooked on this shit.
So for now; bye again.

P.S. @bratnudel and erinteguchi: I got your birthday messages and was really really happy that you thought of me! I'm sooooo sorry that I didn't reply! ;__; But really, I thank you with all my heart!

and gifs ^_^v